Immigration to Slovakia.
How to get a residence permit in Slovakia?

Immigration to Slovakia has many advantages. Many people are choosing immigration to Slovakia for running thier business in EU as well as enjoying life with their family. All family members can obtain a Residence Permit in Slovakia at the same time, which makes Slovakia one of the best places for settling in EU. Business immigration is one of the most common and reliable ways to move to Slovakia in 2021 for a good reason. Registration of the Sole Proprietor SZČO status in Slovakia is quick and does not require any significant investment or hiring employees.

Immigration to Slovakia gives you and your family the right to:

Pros and cons of immigration to Slovakia
How can I legally immigrate to Slovakia?

Residence permit in Slovakia for an individual entrepreneur

A citizen of any country can obtain a residence permit in Slovakia under the individual entrepreneur program.

This way is suitable for you if you:

  • are ready to open a sole proprietorship and pay taxes and insurance to the amount of €150 per month;
  • want to permanently reside in Slovakia, travel around Europe, and provide your children with the opportunity to receive a high-quality European education;
  • obtain permanent residence in Slovakia in 5 years and citizenship in 10 years.

For foreigners with a residence permit based on the status of sole proprietor, there is a requirement to stay in Slovakia for at least 183 days in a calendar year.

The process of obtaining a Residence Permit for the sole proprietor
includes the following steps:
Step 1
execution of the contract and drawing up an immigration plan;
Step 2
the applicant’s arrival in Slovakia to submit documents for registration as a sole proprietor and open an account in a Slovak bank;
Step 3
obtaining an Entry Visa D for the sole proprietor (for citizens of those countries that do not have a visa-free regime with the EU);
Step 4
applying for a residence permit in Slovakia;
Step 5
obtaining a residence permit card, passing medical tests and registering for medical insurance.
On average, the process of obtaining a residence permit for an entrepreneur will take from 3 to 4 months.
After successfully completing all the steps, you will have a residence permit in Slovakia for a period of 2 or 3 years – at the discretion of the police.
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Requirements for family reunion in Slovakia:

  • the applicant has enough financial resources (€2,600 for each adult and €1,300 for each minor child);
  • the applicant has a valid residence permit;
  • registration of a temporary residence for each family member;
  • medical insurance for each family member;
  • proof of familial relationship (marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates).
Deadlines for family reunions in Slovakia
On average, the family reunion process takes up to 3 months.
A residence permit card for reunion is issued for the duration of the residence permit of the main applicant.

Immigration lawyer in Slovakia. How can we help you?

Due to the difficulty of obtaining a residence permit in Bratislava, our company has developed a procedure for obtaining a residence permit in the city of Košice, and we have carried this out successfully many times. A full 100% of our clients have received a residence permit and now happily live in various regions of Slovakia.


We guarantee the result, because full payment for our services is paid only after obtaining a residence permit.

Your personal manager will:
  • draw up your individual immigration plan,
  • collect documents and register sole proprietor,
  • open accounts in a Slovak bank,
  • prepare documents for obtaining an entry visa,
  • will apply for a residence permit,
  • will accompany you during a medical examination and insurance application,
  • will provide a legal domicile and a temporary residence address.
Cost – €5,700 + €500 for each family member 50% payment after receiving the residence permit car

Residence Permit for an Individial Entrepreneur in Slovakia.
Advantages and disadvantages

Extension of residence permits for sole proprietors

The applicant must provide the following documents to extend their residence permit:

  • confirmation of the availability of funds in their bank account, at least €3,000
  • registration address in Slovakia;
  • confirmation of business activities carried out by the sole proprietor (with at least 3 invoices per year).

A residence permit based on sole proprietorship must be extended until the application for permanent residence is submitted.

The extension of the residence permit for family reunification occurs at the same time as the extension of the residence permit of the main applicant (the family member with whom the reunification takes place).

This residence permit can then later be converted into any other type of permit, for study or work, for example.

The reunited spouse can work from their second year of residence in Slovakia.

Obtaining permanent residence of Slovakia

You can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of living in Slovakia with a temporary residence permit.

To obtain permanent residence of Slovakia, the applicant must fulfill certain conditions:

  • an income that is at least equal to the amount of monthly social allowance;
  • a registration address in Slovakia;
  • no criminal record on the territory of Slovakia;
  • health insurance.

Knowledge of the Slovak language is not required to obtain permanent residence!

Citizenship of Slovakia

You can obtain citizenship of Slovakia after 10 years of residence in the country – 5 years on the basis of a residence permit and 5 years on the basis of permanent residence. Consideration of the application can take up to 12 months, and after a positive decision you will be required to take the oath of allegiance. The passport of Slovakia is ranked 5th in the world according to the Global Passport Power Rank. This will allow you to travel to 89 countries without a visa.
Slovakia is one of the European countries that allow two or more citizenships. This means that by obtaining a Slovak passport, you can keep your current citizenship.
retired US government worker
We chose Slovenia as a place to raise our family, and to retire. Anyone who is considering, only needs to take a short trip, and you will see all of Slovenia's charms. Most definitely a place for raising your family, or to have a safe and peaceful retirement. The process was easy enough, although I would not suggest going through Slovenian bureaucracy without professional help. I searched exhaustively for help when we were considering Slovenia. Honestly I cannot remember where the recommendation came from, but working with Michael and his team, made things seem effortless
single mom, Russia
In 2018 I decided to move to Slovenia and contacted the company Liberty New Gate. The move to Slovenia was planned and all legal and consular issues needed to be settled. Already on the first meeting, I understood that my case was in the hands of professionals. In the beginning, I worked with Michael. He is a pleasant and competent man who knows his job. Everything was done in the shortest possible time and very professionally. In the second stage, we worked with Azaliya. She helped us avoid all the possible mistakes that people usually do when they move to Slovenia. The most valuable thing is that the guys do not abandon their clients even after they fulfil all obligations. Even today, I still call them sometimes for advice. It never happened that they did not help me when I was asking for advice. Thank you very much for your professional work. I recommend this company to everyone interested in their services. They are very reliable.
Hong Kong
I come from Hong Kong with two kids. Thanks for Michael’s help, we arranged the local school and desirable apartment before arriving Ljubljana. I think that these are very important to a family with kids which move to a new country. With professional advice, we adapt to Slovenia smoothly
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How many days do you have to live in Slovakia each year?

According to the law, you have to live in Slovakia more than 183 days each year.

What is the monthly cost of a sole proprietorship in Slovakia?

The monthly cost of a sole proprietorship in Slovakia is around €160. This amount includes: accounting service €50, virtual office €30 and compulsory insurance €78. Additionally, the sole trader will need to pay social security payments of €180 per month, if the yearly income of the sole proprietorship goes over€6500.

Is the language exam required for the Permanent Residence application?

No. You can obtain the Permanent Residence after 5 years of living in Slovakia without having to pass the language test.

Which of the family members can apply for family reunion in Slovakia?

Your partner and underaged children can apply for family reunion in Slovakia. The law also has an option to bring your parents, if they were living with you in your home country, their partner has passed away and they require care.

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